ECS Reading: Week 8

A key principle of realist ethical education is to force young children to do things out of their comfort zone. For example, making kids share will, later on, help them understand the importance of sharing and fairness. Humans end goal is eudaimonia which is translated to fulfillment. Progressives want to promote the development of the whole child. Development should arise from the student’s interests, not the teacher’s goals.

Erikson’s stage, ego integrity versus despair, is when adults are in retirement and they are looking back on their lives. A person can feel accomplished in life but if they did not achieve their life goals then a person will lose hope a develop despair. This is why eduaimonia is an important goal, so we can avoid feeling despair towards the end of our lives.

In the Philosophy of Education reading, there is a section that points out the fact that teachers do not give students the knowledge but draws it out of them. In a way this is related to scaffolding. As you progress in school, the teachers start to provide less help and lets students become independent on their assignments. This is related to scaffolding which was developed by Vygotsky.

Through Progressivism there is worry that children will not learn the basics and this is a worry because the basics are needed to get a job. It is said that having a job is what leads us to success. I disagree, I think a successful life is a life you’re happy to be in. If a student learns and builds a future through development as a whole, why should we worry? Everyone has different goals, and I think it is wrong to label success in one way, and that is getting a job.




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