Social Inequality in School Systems

During the past week I have learned a lot about what is wrong with surrounding school systems. I learned that schools follow meritocracy. Meritocracy is a system in which hard work and talent is recognized and rewarded. This is extremely unfair because not all kids have the same resources or support as others. For instance, it is shown that higher income parents spend more time with kids, like reading them stories before bed time. By age three these kids have a vocabulary 50% larger than other children with parents with a lower income job. It also doesn’t help that the minority within the classroom receives more discipline than the majority. This causes a higher percentage of dropouts and that decreases the percentage of minority making it to high school graduation.

This one time in elementary I had an incident in my classroom where the minority got in trouble for something the majority did. When the teacher found out they were wrong there was no apology given or anything. At the time I thought it was not a big deal. As a kid I figured that someone with higher power doesn’t need to apologize but now that I think about I realize how wrong that was. It disgusts me that some teachers give in to these behaviours.

When I become a teacher I want everything to be equal. If an incident happens in my classroom, I will not accuse people right away. I will take all sides of the situation and evaluate from there.

As a future educator I wish to achieve equity and equality. What is a good way to achieve this? What would be too far, what would push the limits?


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