The Obstacles Teachers Face

There is a huge amount of experienced teachers retiring and that is increasing the demand for beginning teachers. Not only are the demands for teachers high, the demands for teachers that can teach subjects like math and science are extremely high. Schools are controlled by provincial governments and board members. Teachers have little to no say in how their lessons should be ran. They don’t have much of a say as to what should be taught or how it should be taught. With the cuts that government makes is making it difficult for new educators to find a job that works best for their studies. There are more people with a teaching degree than there is teaching jobs.

The year I was a teacher’s assistant was a year that there was major cuts for the rest of the teacher’s assistants. I witnessed a lot of stress coming from individuals. There was an individual who just bought a home and she needed the job to keep up with the payments. It was hard to see these people go through these hard times. It’s time for the government to see the importance teachers and teacher’s assistant are to a child’s education and create more job opportunities.

In high school there was a time where a student made a suggestion to read a book that fit in very well with what we were learning in English. The teacher mentioned it was a great book and would be amazing for the lessons that were being provided. She said that it is not in the curriculum and we couldn’t use it in the class. This shows that teachers cannot lay out options for the class and there is very little control the teacher holds.

Lessons need to be taught in a certain time range and teachers need to go through the entire curriculum. How do teachers make sure every student understands the content well and take time to help the students understand and still get through everything?


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