Teachers: They’re Always Learning Too

In the reading, “Teachers and the Teaching Profession”, there is a line that says teachers learn the most on the job. Although this may be the case, there is knowledge some individual holds throughout schooling that the field itself cannot give you. In “Exploring Teacher Identity”, I enjoyed how Yerks adds that she became a better teacher through her mistakes. I thought that teachers became better at teaching with experience, which I’m sure is also true. On the other hand, I am relieved that teachers really become their best teaching selves through the mistakes they make. Teachers have always had that “perfect” reputation. People say that teachers know everything, but that is from the truth. They will make mistakes and have bad days. Yerks wrote about how staying positive is the best thing a person could do. The positivity a teacher holds will rub off onto the students and they will be more eager to learn. It is good to think to yourself that there is no bad days, some days are just better than others!

I like that educators learn the most by making mistakes in their classrooms. I have always been nervous to make mistakes when I become an educator. When I become a teacher and make a mistake, I am going to be proud of that mistake. I will not get embarrassed or ashamed of myself. I am going to take that mistake and myself and my classroom better.

“Teachers and the Teaching Profession” talks about how teachers respect different races, religions, gender identity, and etc. I have always respected the fact that on the outside everyone is different and believe different things, but on the inside we all have the same feelings. As a future educator I want my students to be proud of their individuality and express who they are.

I understand that being a teacher is a professional job. As a teacher everyone is looking your way. I think it is unrealistic for the expectation of teachers to constantly live moral lives. There are moments when teachers want to live in their personal lives and have fun. This may even include going to a bar and having a drink. How do educators live a fun life outside of work without being judged?


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