Technology is consuming our sense of reality….

This week in EDTC 400, Professor Hildebrandt introduced multiple ways of how technology is used and how it can be viewed. From such a broad topic I have decided to talk about how technology is starting to consume our sense of reality. Picture this: You are walking down a busy street, what do you see? Everyone on their phones? Yeah that’s what I see too. I watched Sherry Turkle’s TedTalk video on YouTube and I read Nathan Jurgenson’s IRL Fetish article which both contained information on how this society is relying on technology a little too much. I believe that technology is very important and I think today’s society would not be able to live without technology. That being said, I think we need to learn when to stop using technology and absorb the real life that we are living in.

Sherry Turkle:

Turkle mentions that the internet first coming out was a chance for individuals to explore aspects of themselves. This leads to her idea that us individuals would use the virtual world to find our best selves and apply those characteristics into the real world. I find this ironic because with my personal experience with the internet, I notice that bad things that happen around us are more so advertised than good things. It isn’t hard to find bad news, and we (or maybe just me) have a hard time finding/reading good things throughout social media. Therefore, how can we find our best selves when all that seems to pop up on the internet are more so bad situations that evolve in this world??  Perhaps I am overthinking this? What is your opinion!? Turkle says, “Cell phones change not only what we do but who we are”. I think this quote is stating the fact that us humans now live in our phones. “People text and shop” and students are on their phones during classes. Heck, people even text and drive !!!! (Not good). Our phones are starting to consume us and we are no longer acknowledging the life we already have. For example, people will hangout with their friends and they do not even acknowledge their presence because everyone is always looking at their phone screens. It has came to the point where people are starting to customize their life on apps like Instagram or Facebook. Individuals will post unrealistically perfect photos to paint the picture of a perfect life. Everyone gets to choose how others see themselves. People feed off the likes and comments and soon they invest their lives online which is simply unhealthy.

Nathan Jurgenson:

Jurgenson starts his article by saying how easy the access to get to apps are. They are literally just one tap away. There was a part in the article where Jurgenson says, “…logged-off real life“. I find this so relevant because everyone is so invested in technology and they are no longer living their lives in the real world. Technology has gotten so realistic, like virtual reality headsets. It makes me wonder if their will be a time where in-person communication will no longer be important to everyone. I mean… people are trading real life human experiences for a virtual life that they create themselves. Jurgenson states, “They have traded human friends for Facebook friends”. This line alone makes me think that us humans need some time to log  off and look and what the real world has to offer. Although technology is starting to consume our sense of reality, it has never been more helpful. For example, I have googled so many things about my car because I have no idea about vehicles. I do not think that technology is a bad thing but I think it is bad with how much time we spend staring at a screen.

On the Global News website I watched a video on how distracted driving is the leading cause of collisions in Saskatchewan. The numbers of injuries and deaths are sadly very high. Put the phone away!!!

Overall, I believe that technology has been extremely helpful and absolutely incredible for us. There as so many ways we can expand our knowledge with technology alone. However, we do need to figure out when too much is just simply too much. There needs to be a time where we shut the screen off and talk to one another.


One Reply to “Technology is consuming our sense of reality….”

  1. HI Kylie, I really liked the format of your blog post and how you addressed two main individuals to discuss some problems facing the internet today! I completely agree with you! I believe technology has opened so many doors for us, however, it seems to have gone in a different direction than planned at the beginning! It will be interesting to see how technology changes in the years to come!

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