Who Writes The Curriculum? Who Should Write It?


How do you think that school curricula are developed? 

I think the school curricula are developed by people that THINKS they know what is best for students and what they need for the “real world”. Sadly, I think the people that created the curriculum are people that have never taught a class before or have never experienced leadership in a classroom.


“Curriculum is defined as an official statement of what students are expected to know and be able to do” (8). The curriculum is developed by the government and other authorities. There are also subject experts that take part in the creating process of the curriculum. Although there are people that are experts in their subject, the curricula people do not have the average day teacher on board. Due to the absence of teachers, the curricula people do not know what it is like to be in a classroom. They do not know the time it takes to learn something, and that is why teachers are always in a rush to get the material completed. The curriculum decides what is being taught in school and how far the subject gets taught. One thing that does comfort me is if the government does not think the curriculum is good enough, they will make sure it is edited or revised so it can be started all over. This comforts me because it shows they actually look at the curriculum and care about the quality of it. Another thing I learned through the reading is how deep the curriculum is in the political world. I never realized how big of a say the government has in the curriculum.

I am concerned with the fact that the curricula people do not have teachers come in for some tips and input. Yes, they have experts in subjects coming in but when it comes to the curriculum in grades k -12 schools, the teachers are the real experts. The teachers know exactly how much information can be taught in a hour, in a month, in a semester, and in a school year. Teachers know how a classroom is ran and they would be the best people to ask for help in the writing of the curriculum.


Levin, B. (2008). Curriculum Policy and the Politics of What Should be Learned in Schools. In F. Connelly, M. He & J. Phillion (Eds.), pp. 7-24. Found online from:




One Reply to “Who Writes The Curriculum? Who Should Write It?”

  1. Great reflection Kylie! I agree with you about there being a need for more teacher input. How well is the curriculum really created if there is little input from the people who know first-hand what works and doesn’t work in the classroom? My only question is about the government input you said would change because the government cares about the quality of the curriculum? I wonder if they care less about the student and more about what serves them the best in the long run. What are your thoughts?

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