Debate: Is Social Media Ruining Childhood?

For tonight’s EDTC 400 debate I will be debating with Lauren Sauser. We are debating whether or not social media is ruining childhood, with me “arguing” that it does not. This post contains my debate video and provides access to article that help support my side of the debate!

5 Reasons You Don’t Need To Worry About Kids and Social MediaCaroline Knorr

Caroline touches base on events done by kids that would not have been possible without social media. Caroline talks about how good things happen when kids “connect, share, and learn online”. It lets children do good and take control of issues that need to stop. Children often feel like they don’t have the power to have voice that can be heard, but with social media children are finding that voice and using it to take a stand!


The Effects of Social Media on ChildrenAngela Barnes and Christine Laird

Barnes and Laird state that technology has evolved so quickly and is becoming impossible to reject it as part of our society. Social media is a way where kids can be creative, stay connected, and get involved in world changes.


5 Reasons Why Social Media Might Actually Be Good for your Children– Michael Sheehan

Michael gives 5 reasons as to why social media is good for our children, not bad. The reasons he discusses are:

  1. Keep up with friends
  2. Collaborate with schoolmates
  3. Discover new interests
  4. Get prepared for the future
  5. Get creative

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