My Experience Being a Mentor for the First Time…..

Wow, last blog post for EDTC 400. Last minute just as I expected. Great work Kylie.. Great work. This semester absolutely flew by and I must say, this class ending is bitter sweet. Edtech 400 was so exciting because every class was so different. Different mini lessons, different debate topics, and different conversations. I never knew where the class was going to take us and I truly learned something every week. There is so much information I am going to take with me into my future classrooms and there is still so much more I can learn about technology.

Great edtech debates, mini lessons, and MENTORING. Yeah that’s right, I was mentor for three edtc300 students! My mentees were Courtney Hawkins, Sarah Bahr, and Jana Schlosser. There blogs are absolutely amazing and their progress of their learning projects was phenomenal but we’ll chat about that later.

So I started this journey using Slack and created a group chat with my mentees and myself. I introduced myself, gave them my twitter handle and my email. I ensured them that if they ever needed my help or had any questions to ask that the best place to ask me would be through direct message on Twitter. I was so excited to take a look at who my mentees were through their blogs.

My Mentees Blogs

As I got to look into their education portfolios I noticed that they have had more experience in this field than I did. This got me discouraged because I probably could have gotten some pointers from them in all honesty hahah. At the start of the semester I was commenting on their blogs and following along, but didn’t have a lot of tips to give. Their blogs looked amazing already and their posts were very good. If you take a look at this chart that shows all my comments on my mentees posts you will see I suggest a few of them to add more links into their posts. As the semester went on, my classes started to get busier and busier. As a student that takes a full course load and has a job, I have a hard time finding time for myself so unfortunately my commitment to being a mentor diminished. However, I did my best to do check ins but take a glance at their blogs to make sure they were still posting. Overall I really do wish I could have been a better mentor, but even though I wasn’t the best I still learned a lot (believe it or not).

Educators cannot just decide to not be the greatest teacher because things in their lives are getting crazy and busy. This mentor section of edtc400 has taught me a lot about time management and that I have quite a bit to work on in this department. When I become a teacher I want to support my students all the time and whenever my students need the support, I want to be there.

Teaching is so much more than just reading Shakespeare or getting students to remember a math formula. For some students, an educator is everything they got. Educators are role models and supporters to students and we must do our best to be there for them. To look at this experience positively, I know what I need to fix to be a better mentor and I know what not to do when I get this opportunity again.

Before entering this class I always thought technology in a classroom just made things easier for students and a teacher. Therefore I thought teaching a class online on something like Zoom would be just as easy. I honestly think this mentor experience would be even more easier (not that it was even difficult) if I were able to connect with them in person. This proved that teaching online doesn’t make anything easier, perhaps even more difficult. I love seeing people in person and having conversations with them, it is so easy to create a bond that way. I applaud Katia Hildebrandt for being able to connect to her students, recognize them when she sees her students in person, and get them to learn something when herself and her students (myself included) aren’t interacting in person. It would be such a difficult task to do and she is doing a great job to do.

All I can say is, it is a good thing that I am only halfway through my teaching degree because I have a lot to work on. I am comfortable with expressing my wrongs, mistakes and flaws because I am confident that I will change and become the best educator I want to be for myself and my future students.

Mentees Learning Projects

I loved doing my learning project in edtc 300 so I was excited to see what students were going to do this semester for that class.

Jana learned how to do Calligraphy! She does such a great job at writing out beautiful letters! In her final learning post she links in all of her learning project posts so you get to really see her progress throughout the semester! Great job Jana!

Courtney took this time to learn how to do yoga. In her final post she includes before and after pictures that shows how flexible she got throughout the semester. She includes all the videos she made throughout the semester! Great job Courtney!

Sarah decided to learn a new language this semester, Cree! In Sarah’s final post she does an amazing job at breaking down each week as well as linking in her past learning projects blogs. Her blog is easy to follow and does a great way at showing her progress! Great job Sarah!

That is a wrap folks! Thank you all for following along with my edtc400 journey!

Until next time,

Miss. Lorenz

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