Educational Philosophy

Challenge & Freedom

My goal is to challenge my students and watch how they over come these challenges. I want to watch my students grow and reach their full potential. I want my students to have freedom so they can express themselves. I want my students to be full of creativity and find their likes and dislikes through experiences within the classroom. This way I can find my students their learning styles and I’ll know how to work around them.

Motivation & Preparation

I want to motivate my students while working through assignments. As a future math teacher, it’s my jobs to keep my students motivated and interested. I know math is not the most exciting subject for students but I want to change that. I want to prepare my students for university by showing them the skills they will need for a math university level class. I don’t just want success for my students in my classroom, but everywhere in their lives.

Great Classroom Environment

I want my classroom to be a safe and happy environment. If my students are unsafe physically, emotionally, and/or mentally the learning atmosphere will shut down. I want my students to view me as someone they can approach, if they don’t have anyone, who will be fair and who will not judge. I want my classroom to be well organized and inviting. Clutter will only distract my students and make it complicated for me to teach. I will find creative and inviting ways to set up my room so my students want to come in and learn.